At St Jerome's, we want our children to be inspired to know more about Britain's past and that of the wider world. Knowledge of the past can help pupils to understand the challenges of our own time. It engages pupils in questions about people and events in the past and helps pupils to understand the present and prepare them for the future. Our history curriculum builds a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, which build sequentially as the children move through the school. The curriculum has been well mapped out so that children can make links with what has previously been taught.

Within the history curriculum, pupils are taught subject-specific vocabulary and are encouraged to use this, both in their spoken and written work. History excursions and incursions provide pupils with experiences beyond their own day to day lives, but build on the knowledge and skills taught in history lessons. Pupils are provided with a knowledge organiser for each history unit. The knowledge organiser includes key information and vocabulary that pupils will use during lessons. 

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