Geography at St Jerome's is an exciting, enquiry-led subject which helps our children to understand people better, know about different places and environments worldwide. We aim to inspire all pupils to be inquistive and fascinated about the world in which we live. We make regular use of our unique location and present the children with many opportunities to discover and extend their geographical knowlegde outdoors. Beach school is a prominent feature of our geography curriculum and we develop the local geographical knowledge of our pupils during these sessions. 

Our geography curriculum aims to enable pupils to develop a sense of place that is underpinned by a core knowledge of facts, location and vocabulary. Throughout their time at St Jerome's, pupils will build upon their knowlegde of our locality and the UK, before extending their focus to the different continents around the world. The curriculum has been carefully planned and structured so that pupils can make links to units of study as they travel through the school, focusing in particular on the human and physical characteristics of the subject. 

The core learning for each geography unit is supported by a knowledge organiser, which details key learning, vocabulary and geographical concepts to be studied.

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