Beach School

Beach School is the name for our regular outdoor learning sessions which take place on our local beach or at other locations within the coastal conservation area next to our school. 

All pupils take part and enjoy two sessions per term with our specially trained Beach School staff. Each year we theme the terms and ensure that over the course of the year the pupils have the chance to appreciate their local history, the local wildlife and habitat and to have fun being physically and mentally challenged in a beautiful environment. We play games to build cooperation and confidence; we encourage children to climb trees, build shelters and to use natural materials to create sculptures and artwork. The children always have a snack during beach school and in the summer months we build a camp-fire and toast marshmallows. 

Beach School is part of our learning outside the classroom commitment and it forms a fundamental part of our curriculum, supporting the knowledge and learning in other subjects such as Science, Geography, History, Art, Maths and English. Classes will also visit the woods and the beach on a number of other occasions throughout the year and staff use the beach school ethos and routines to ensure the children have a safe and enjoyable learning experience. 

Our ex-pupils tell us that they miss Beach School and feel it was an opportunity that they really benefitted from.

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